BenQ RL2755HM 27 Inch Monitor For Gaming

Nowadays,people have higher expectation about their monitor.For game enthusiast,it is especially important for them to get the right gaming monitor.If you are struggling to make a decision,you can have a look at the BenQ RL2755HM 27 inch monitor for gaming.This gaming monitor is designed especially for gaming and is equipped with powerful hardware.Its clear widescreen is capable of providing you with comfortable gaming experience and you can get rid of eye fatigue even if you play games for a long time.This guide have much information about this item and you are required to finish it so that you can make a right decision.

BenQ RL2755HM 27 Inch Monitor For Gaming

Pros And Cons You are required to Know Before Buying BenQ RL2755HM 27 Inch Monitor For Gaming


BenQ RL2755HM 27 inch Console Gaming MonitorRapid response time:Its 1ms fast response time is best for ultra smooth console gaming experience.

Color Vibrance:In order to meet personal color preferences, it is equipped with color vibrance that allows easy setting.

Black eQualizer:This item is well equipped with Black eQualizer that can provide visual clarity in dark scenes.

High contrast ratio:This monitor is designed with high contrast ratio and you can be provided with vivid images.


Refresh rate is at only 75hz and not all the game enthusiast think it is high enough to not have lag.

What Current Owners Said This BenQ RL2755HM 27 Inch Monitor For Gaming

It is simply awesome and this is my first monitor bought on item is designed with good graghics and the screen won’t hurt your eyes.Moreover the price is acceptable and I was very pleased with this purchasing. By Marcus C. Mooney

I have used this monitor for one year and there is no problems with it at all.I got rid of any eye strains after playing for hours every day. The images is clear and very smooth.Its colors are also perfect.  By Amy R. McClean

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Monitors List:All of us test most of these factors in our display reviews so as to figure out the proper display screen for your special requirements. Therefore, we do not accept it is sensible to base purchasing choices exclusively on price.


Nowadays ,there are more and more monitors comes out and you can be confused by countless of options.If you don’t make a right chioce,you will be regret for a long time.the BenQ RL2755HM 27 inch monitor can be a perfect monitor designed for gaming.You can not miss this monitor and you can get it on


MSI GE72 APACHE-235 Reviews:Best Cheap Gaming Laptops Under 1500

I’ve been looking for a high performance laptop for a long time. And my friends ask me why I want to find a high performance laptop, and if I want to have a high performance computer, why not buy a desktop instead of the laptop. Well, as far as I’m concerned, I want to have a computer that is high performance as well as portable. Now, I no longer worry about the laptop thing when I come across this MSI GE72 APACHE-235 Reviews:Best Cheap Gaming Laptops Under 1000. It has very strong, you can do absolutely everything on this laptop without a stutter. Now I’d like to introduce you to this machine.

MSI GE72 APACHE-235 Reviews:Best Cheap Gaming Laptops Under 1500


MSI GE72 Apache ProGOOD BRAND: MSI is a famous that produces good products with high quality. You won’t worry about the quality issue. On the contrary, you can get this best laptop with best service.

BEST PERFORMANCE: Equipped with a 2.7-3.5GHz Intel Core i7-5700HQ, a 16GB DDR3L 1600GHz RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX960M Graphics with 2 GB GDDR5 VRAM, this MSI GE72 APACHE is absolutely a beast. You can almost play all kinds of computer games fluently. Nothing can prevent you from enjoying the thrill of the games with MSI GE72 APACHE Gaming Laptop.

LARGE SCREEN: It has a screen as large as 17.3-inch. It is quite a huge screen for a laptop, but you can enjoy more details when you are watching movies and playing games. It provides a better view with large screen.

FREE SHIPPING: The shipping for this gaming laptop is free.


  1. -Processor: 3.5GHz Intel Core i7-5700HQ
  2. -RAM: 16 GB DDR3L SDRAM
  3. -Hard Drive: 1024 GB Serial
  4. -Graphics Coprocessor: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M
  5. -Graphics Card Ram Size: 2048 MB
  6. -Wireless Type: 802.11A


A LITTLE BIT HEAVY: The MSI APACHE-235 Laptop weighs about 11.55 pounds, but it has such an amazing performance, so it really doesn’t matter it is a little bit heavy.


I have to say that this is a laptop under 1500 dollars with strong performance. Having used this laptop for a couple of months, not a single issue has been found. I like its reliability and great performance, because it allows me to enjoy the pure fun of the games. It’s a satisfying purchase. BY Billy F. Hunter

As a computer game fan, I truly like this MSI GE72 APACHE Laptop. As gaming laptop, it has high performance to run almost all kinds of games perfectly. And there’s one thing that will makes you like this laptop better, the amazing 17.3-inch screen. It just enhances the experience while you’re playing games or watching movies. Believe me, you won’t regret buying this big machine. BY Micheal M. Hooker

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